You've really got some nerve showing up around here
You used to be dead now you're looking for beer
What's so important that you had to wake me out of my bed
You look really pitiful, amphetamines have gone to your head

Let's go to Earth-Pamela (Pamela)
You can buy the drinks
Let's go to Earth-Pamela (Pamela)
Find the missing link

See that girl with the purple hair looking at you
She's got a monkey and plenty of things to do
Life is so rich when you can laugh at the poor
Stop those convulsions and pick yourself up off the floor

Let's stay on Earth-Pamela (Pamela)
Everyone's a mess
Let's stay on Earth-Pamela (Pamela)
Throw up tenderness

We ate all the cameras
To make the tourists leave
We moved all the samurai
To an island in the sea

(Don't spill beer on yourself, it's a sin here)

Now the bartenders are wavering slightly unclear
The disco ball is rolling and I hope it won't get any nearer
The midget with the suitcase is staring at the top of your stool
The local party crowd is starting to act so uncool

Let's leave from Earth-Pamela (Pamela)
The heat is coming down
Let's leave from Earth-Pamela (Pamela)
Before we hit the ground

We took all the Demerol
And now we feel no pain
The pleasures are ephemeral
We're coming down like rain