The Truth, Last Tuesday


Greg: This was definitely a lyrics-first tune. I remember really liking the fact that the "truth" spoken of was never addressed directly...leaving it unsaid was a great touch. The music was put together in a kind of loose fashion. We found the chords, and left the melody to what ever felt right. I came up with something that was close, but John saw that it needed some tweaking to make it more interesting.

Rog: John and Greg came up with the verse music, mainly the fast half-steps keyboard bass riff, when I wasn’t around. I was stunned how well they were able to capture the mood I was going for in the lyrics. This is my all-time favorite RoF tune. It gets closest to my own personal vision of what the band should be doing: intense verse, soaring/catchy chorus. And it features the lyrics I’m most proud of. Bob Gumbrecht’s distorted bass guitar really anchored the song for me and gave it that hard edge it had to have.
I remember that we were stretching out the chorus a bit and needed some more words. Greg came up with the line "Nothing really matters as I sit in some motel", which fit right in. It's one of my favorite lines in the song.

John: I kind of wanted to do a song like a Stabbing Westward song. I liked the juxtaposition of the one chord verses with the bluesy vocals and the really pop chord progression in the choruses with the rather monotone vocals. I seem to recall that I had written the chords and presented them to Greg (I think Rog was absent that night), and together we "wrote" the vocal melodies on the spot (unusual for us). I think this was the first song that we used looped drum clips, and we kind of went hog wild. Bob wrote the bass part himself and it really helps the song; fast and interesting during the verse, and very melodic during the choruses. He gave the choruses a kind of grandeur that kept it from turning into a dirge.