Grave Concerns


John: This is a really old song that was completely re-written (musically) once, and re-mixed twice (once to add better drums, and once because the new mix just didn't sound right). The only thing that survives from the original song is some of the repetitive riffs and the piano part. The first one also had me singing, which was a really bad idea.

Rog: Somewhere there exists a version of this song from the early 90s with John’s lead vocals, some slightly different music, and some slightly different words. The main keyboard riff was the same though. We like this song a lot and have kept recording it and remixing it over the years, but I’m not sure we ever got it to quite match our vision. Whatever that was. At one point, the sample in the break was Zathras of Babylon 5 saying "Cannot say. Saying, I would know. Do not know, so cannot say." It was perfect, but we figured we might get into trouble using it.