Absent Reflections


John: This is kind of an old song (before we had multi-track audio on the computer, and could do audio loops). When I wrote the (chorus) chord progression, I wanted to try the time-tested technique of repeating the same chord progression several times, and then "surprising" the listener by going somewhere completely different on the last chord of the last repetition. I also kind of like the way the bass guitar moves lots faster than the rest of the song, it keeps the song from sounding like a complete dirge. I originally wrote it on the keyboard, and then we had Glen play it for us.

Rog: We weren’t sure whether to include this one on the CD or not, since it’s pretty old and doesn’t quite fit in musically with the rest. However, we have had very many people tell us it’s their favorite RoF song. Glen Smith nailed the John-written bass guitar part, which gives the song a unique flavor. John just loved his tambourine playing on this (not). In many ways, this song was the template for the "soaring chorus" songs to come. Ray Barber helped me out on the lyrics here.