For The Glory


Greg: No, it's not about music, it's about putting in lots of overtime at my day job. And that spoken part isn't really what was's just that nothing else seemed to work. And that Roger guitar part (rocking between two notes) that comes in on the second verse changed the whole feel of the song...making it more...uh...something. And I really liked that mono-to-stereo intro stuff that John did.

Rog: I think this is where John started to really come into his own on the engineering/recording/producing end of things. I really like Greg’s songwriting, and I wish he’d do more of it. I remember the retard at the end being hard to do, since we had to sync up our playing with the computer-imposed slowdown. This is one of the few songs where I do background vocals, and thankfully they’re pretty much buried in the mix so you hopefully can’t tell how I’m not quite hitting those high notes.

John: I just remember that the record "scratches" at the beginning were actually recorded from a wind-up 78 phonograph.