John: This was originally known as the "peeing song". What happened is that many moons ago when the world was young, Greg and I were at Greg's room, the garage apartment at his parents house, doing who knows what, and we found this synth sound that sounded like someone peeing. So I made up this little tune and we set the peeing sound to it, which went through the entire song (complete with zipper sound at the end). The name "Alone" seemed appropriate, and we all thought it was hilarious at the time. Fortunately that recording has been lost, but later I re-orchestrated the tune and kept the name.

Rog: I think this tune, along with some other instrumental things John has done, proves he has a great future in the movie soundtrack business if he wants one. This is the favorite RoF song of many people. Fans who discover us through this song are always somewhat surprised to hear what the rest of our oeuvre sounds like.