come slide with me

Our CDs were duplicated at Oasis and are distributed by The Orchard. Are we, or are we not Digital Mantra? You can download Fatbits there, which was developed by our own DJ Smallberries. Shalini played on our album. One of our band members hangs out at Lucille's Blues Joint. We listen to Colorado's best radio station, KVCU, and so should you. They have a netcast, so you can listen over the web. We're on the online jukebox at Joe's Cafe. Check out the other bands there. My cat's name is Mittens. We find inspiration in the Loud Family. If we didn't design this site ourselves, we would hire Interbridge to do it. The Onion makes us laugh. If you don't laugh at it too, then you've gotten on our last nerve and we're through with you! Perhaps you can find our old frog mascot logo at Frogland. We have friends who write (some would say "spout off") about music, movies, books and other media. Their words of wisdom are imparted at sites with odd names like The Pathetic Caverns, The Architectural Dance Society and The War Against Silence. Beware, beware I tell you, of the Feckless Beast. Don't try to get around the planet without the Earth Edition of the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And don't panic!

does the fun begin in the end?