The songs from A Case of Mistaken Serenity are now available as digital downloads at the iTunes Music Store and eMusic, so zoom on over there if you would like to sample a track or two. To get the two opposite ends of our spectrum, try The Truth, Last Tuesday and Alone.

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Here some MP3 excerpts of the first and last songs on the album:

Regression Therapy (0:42 clip) 664KB
Regret? (0:30 clip) 482KB


Change Your Mind, one of our early songs, was not included on the CD. But you can still hear it here as an MP3.
Guest Musician: Greg Bloom on "Harmonica" guitar.
Words: Bryce Morris, Music: John

Change Your Mind (4:04) 3.72MB


Here are some older songs from the Reign of Frogs archive, not included on any album:

NEW!! (6/20/2004) The Shoe
This is from around the same era as Earth-Pamela, and has Bryce on lead vocals. Memory is hazy, but Rog probably did most everything else, including drum machine programming. John may have contributed some keyboards. Words and music were written by Rog and are firmly in the "let's see if I can write an entire song built around a clichéd phrase" frame of mind.

The Shoe (4:09) 3.81MB

Another really old one - a short, sparse instrumental that John and Greg did. Warning: it has a punchline.

Release (0:44) 702KB

Waiting For The Ecstacy
This is the from the very beginning days of the band, when any and all recording was done on a four track only. It's All Greg on this one: music, vocals, the works. Though Rog wrote the lyrics.

Waiting For The Ecstacy (4:15) 3.89MB

This is from around 1988-89, when the band consisted of Rog (guitar), John (keyboards), Bryce Morris (vocals), Phil Tubb (drums) and Alan Stewart (bass). This is the studio version of a whimsical little song we didn't do live very much. Music and lyrics by Rog. If there's any non-mechanical percussion on this track, it was probably played by Phil. Also, Rog most likely played the bass as well as the guitars, though Alan did contribute some backing vocals. This is maybe the only song ever written that rhymes "Demoral" with "ephemeral". It also contains the immortal line "We moved all the samurai to an island in the sea".

Earth-Pamela (4:07) 3.77MB

Change Your Mind (Original Version)
This is the original version of Change Your Mind. The music is the same, but the vocals are sung by Bryce Morris, who wrote the lyrics. Compare and contrast with Greg's version above!

Change Your Mind (Original Version) (4:02) 3.73MB

Distractions (A Cappella)
The infamous vocals-only version of Distractions which showcases Greg's odd/even vocals. The even words were sung during one recording session and the odd ones during another.

Distractions (A Cappella) (0:31) 485KB

Absent Reflections (Dance Mix)
This is a longer version of Absent Reflections, the original version of which is on the Serenity CD. John is responsible for all the new stuff at the beginning.

Absent Reflections (Dance Mix) (6:05) 5.58MB

Love Is So Annoying
The first John/Roger/Bryce period song. Has a more insistent guitar than most of our songs. Big analog synth solo too! And, hmmm, is the title an anagram? What could that mean?
Vocals: Bryce Morris, Guitars: Rog, Synths/Drum programming/etc.: John.
Intro: Game Boy Golf
Words: Bryce Morris, Music: John
I wish you were here but I'm glad that you're going

Love Is So Annoying (5:54) 5.42MB

Another song from the John/Roger/Bryce period. This originally had a very different melody (by John) and lyrics (by Roger), but Bryce ended up doing his own, more conventional melody and words. He was the one who had to sing it, after all. We were trying for a very specific rhythm guitar sound on this track, and I think we succeeded nicely. Bryce did the vocals, Rog did the guitars, and John did pretty much everything else.
Words: Bryce Morris, Music: John/Bryce

Daphne (3:07) 2.87MB

Grave Concerns (first version)
As promised, here's the original version of Grave Concerns, complete with John's lead vocals. This is another song from the time period before Greg rejoined. John and Roger were pretty much the only band members at this point. This version is very different, musically and lyrically, from the Greg-sung version on the Serenity CD. The ending part of this is what became Grave Concerns [reprise] on the CD.
Words: Rog, Music: John

Grave Concerns (Version One) (5:24) 4.96MB

Web Of Illusion
This is from back in the days before Greg rejoined the band. Bryce does the lead vocals, Rog does the guitars and a little drum programming stuff, and John did the rest. This is the first time we did a swelling, over-the-top musical ending, but it wouldn't be the last. Dig that dated Twin Peaks guitar.
Words: Rog, Music: John/Bryce Morris/Rog

Web Of Illusion (4:42) 4.32MB

Wave At The Camera
By some reckonings, this was the first song that Greg sang lead vocals on. It was not included on the CD because it's a bit too...er...bouncy, and doesn't really fit in with the rest of the songs on the album. However, in some ways this song is more topical now than ever before.
Guest Musicians: Glen Smith played the bass guitar, Bryce Morris did some background vocals, and Greg Bloom did the bluesy guitar.
Words: Rog, Music: John/Rog/Greg Bloom.

Wave At The Camera (6:12) 5.68MB


John did up some MIDI versions of a couple of our instrumental numbers. Note that these are not nearly as good as the real versions that appear on the Serenity CD, but it should give you some idea of what they sound like. You can play these only if you have a MIDI plug-in:

Alone (2:23) 8KB
Grave Concerns (Reprise) (1:45) 23KB